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—  Our DELICIOUS waffles  —

Each of our waffles were  perfected over hundreds of years by our waffle-geniuses and passed down through generations of waffle geniuses,

each new genius adding a new flavor, ingredient, or slight twist to make Waffle-lot their own;

except Steven, Steven never did anything.  


—  Original Maple Waffle  —
The exquisite, mouth watering, flavorful, succulent, Waffle Lot original waffle. This is where all our waffles come from; not storks surprisingly.

—  Red Velvet  —
Velvet Waffle topped with peppermint flakes and whipped cream. Waffle-licious!

—  Chocolate  —
Chocolate waffle, covered with chocolate, with chocolate syrup. Just in case you like chocolate.

—  Blueberry  —
A waffle with sweet blueberries mixed inside of our delicious batter. Top it with some more blueberries if you dare!

—  Cranberry White Chocolate —
Cranberries mixed in our waffle batter to make a delectable waffle. Oh and then we top it with white chocolate, because why not?

—  Salted Caramel  —
An absolutely amazing waffle that's the right amount of salty and  the right amount of sweet.

—  Cookie Butter  —
Delicious cookie butter smashed between a delicious Waffle.



Choose your toppings (Up to 3 toppings included, additional toppings $0.50 each)

Strawberries  -  Blueberries  -  Cherries

Bananas  -  Cranberries  -  Nuts

 Chocolate Chips  -  Peanut Butter Chips  -  White Chocolate Chips

Peppermint Flakes  -  Crumbled Cookie Mix   -  Whipped Cream



Red Velvet Waffle

Because green velvet waffles are just weird